Green Certifications

Natural cosmetics & co.

Major quality seals and labels:


Fair Trade guarantees that raw materials have been produced in compliance with international standards. In addition, the producing families receive a guaranteed minimum wage for their yield, irrespective of the global market price. The added value is used to improve local infrastructures, education and healthcare.



Ecocert is the largest organisation for environmental control and certification. Since 2002, cosmetics have also been subjected to testing for ecological and organic quality and can be certified with two seals: ‘Ecological and organic cosmetics’ and ‘Natural cosmetics’.



k.b.A. is the German abbreviation for ‘kontrolliert biologischer Anbau’ which means ‘certified organic’ . Certified organic raw materials are the basis for eco-friendly production methods whilst observing the principles of ecology and environmental protection. Organic farming foregoes the use of certain pesticides, mineral fertilisers, growth enhancers and genetic technology.



Ecolabel is the environmental label for ecological products from the European Union. This quality seal is given to products that have only a minimal impact on the environment, after their entire life cycle has been evaluated: from procurement of the raw materials to manufacturing and marketing, including packaging and the use of the product until its disposal.



Green Globe certification has represented the highest level of sustainability certification since 1993. Each certificate is validated by independent auditors in line with the criteria of ISO/IEC 17021. Green Globe is a wholly integrated concept. Companies are not only assessed on the basis of environmental criteria, but also on ethical standards and social responsibility.



The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal promotes environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically sustainable forestry. FSC-certified products contribute towards the responsible management of global forest resources.